Internet Marketing Software Tools

Below you’ll find all the various software tools Genius Software has available to help you with your Internet Marketing Needs. Each Product has a short description and a link to its sales page, which will open in a new tab.

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I offer Reseller Partnerships on all the below software items.
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Genius Messenger CRM Logo

Genius Messenger CRM

CRM for Messenger, to organize and expedite communications and pipelines in FB Messenger.

Let Story Drive Logo LSD

Let Story Drive

Send Messages to people who view, react to, or answer a poll on your FB Stories. Can customize the message based on how they interact. 

Linky Leads Logo

Linky Leads

Send automated birthday wishes, work anniversary wishes, and new job congrats to LI connections. Also autorespond to keywords in LI Messenger.

Posting AI Logo

Posting AI

FB Posts created and scheuleduled by an AI system you teach to make the posts for your audience. Is in Pre-Launch

Member Mover Logo 250

Member Mover

Capture and Download FB Group members info, including phone and email, and upload anywhere, including GMCRM with labels and tags,

Genius Connector Logo

Genius Connector

Automate targeted friend requests in groups and on posts, and begin communications into Messenger.

Genius Posts Logo

Genius Posts

Increases engagement on FB posts and moves the conversation from the wall into Messenger.

Genius Disconnector Logo

Genius Disconnector

Analyzes engagement of Facebook contacts so you can delete ones that do not engage, and are hurting your reach.

Genius Birthday Posts

Genius Birthday Posts

Automates the sending of Posts and Messages on your Facebook contacts’ birthdays, along with dynamic images.

Genius Scheduler Logo

Genius Scheduler

Allows you to post content to your personal FB profile in advance and track posting by post type.

Email Miner Logo

Genius Leads Miner

Gets targeted email addresses from social media profiles based on your keyword input.

Genius Giveaway Logo

Genius Giveaway

Runs a giveaway based on responses to FB Posts, and will alert winners (and non- winners) after the contest has completed.